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About Mapalo Contractors

Mapalo Contractors is a contracting company that deals with a vast number of construction services. We have been working in the background supporting construction companies till we launched our own contracting company in April 2018.

Mapalo Contractors are precise to the very last detail. We quote fairly, advise clients and get the best quality goods for use on site. We do things right the first time and will get you to where you want to be.

We are constant Solution Providers and Hard Workers.

Mapalo Contractors deliver services around Southern Africa. Operations are tailored according to client needs. Years of working in the background field have given us a diverse specialty in a variety of construction services. We strive to be neat and deadline oriented. Contact us for a quote.

What We Offer

We are diverse in our work. We strive to be neat and detail oriented. We also work and offer the best deal for clients to save on materials.

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We Understand Requirements

bricks, walls, patterns

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We Deliver Best Output

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